About us

Climate reward Norway (CCL Norway – Citizens Climate Lobby Norway, organizational number 924704020) is the Norwegian chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby. We are working to introduce a climate reward (dear child with many names, also known as carbon tax for distribution (KAF), climate bonus, Carbon Fee and Dividend).
In the short term, we work for common proposal on Climate Wages from as many parties as possible before the 2021 election.

Climate reward is a new way to change the tax system, so it will always pay to live in a climate-friendly way.
Everyone talks about a «green tax change», but it is still cheap to pollute, and expensive to live environmentally friendly. Therefore, there is a need to change the tax system so that environmental protection pays off, and polluters pay for the costs they inflict on people and the environment.

Climate reward is a «Robin Hood» tax on carbon. Those with high consumption and thus a large carbon footprint pay more than they get back. Those with low consumption and thus a small carbon footprint, get more back than they pay in.

Climate rewards are very simple:
• A tax is levied on all production and import of fossil fuels. This fee must increase predictably by a fixed amount each year.
• The funds collected will be distributed in full again with an equal amount, e.g. monthly to all inhabitants of the country.
• When importing goods from countries that do not have a corresponding carbon tax, a carbon duty corresponding to the carbon tax is levied domestically, for the carbon emissions that have been used for the production and transport of the product.
• When exporting of goods, a refund is given for the tax paid for carbon emissions from production and transport, as long as a carbon tax of the same order of magnitude is not collected from the importing country. It will then be attractive for exporting countries to introduce a carbon tax, so that they themselves retain these funds, rather than the importing country collecting them. This will allow the tax to spread to other countries.